Corporate Membership

Statement of Our Partnership:

We are excited to begin a new partnership with your company and your employees. It is our goal to help your employees and their families become healthier in spirit, mind and body, and therefore, become more productive employees. To make sure our partnership is mutually beneficial; we will plan annual meetings and review with you and your company to make sure we continue to deepen the partnership

Benefits to Corporate Membership Partners and Employees:

  • Employees have full access to over 38,000 sq. feet of YMCA state-of-the-art fitness area.
  • High-quality, innovative programs and activities for individuals and families.
  • Increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, increase employee and team morale, decreased employee attrition, decreased health care costs, improved recruitment, and improved corporate image.
  • Monthly newsletters.
  • Other marketing materials necessary to promote to employees.

What we require of our corporate membership partners and employees to form an agreement:

  • Provide the Four Seasons YMCA access to your employees through on-going YMCA developed e-mail, newsletters, and other pieces. This source of communication will be emailed to the main contact person and forwarded on to the employees.
  • Allow the Four Seasons YMCA to be present at any employee appreciation days, health promotion events, and employee benefit fairs.
  • Allow the YMCA to place information about partnership benefits in new employee orientation packets.
  • It is to our understanding that this agreement will be revisited on an annual basis to ensure we are fulfilling the needs of your company and of the YMCA.

The corporate partner agrees to designate an employee to act as liaison with the YMCA Membership Director to manage the company’s corporate membership program.

The Corporate Membership Program is a partnership between the Four Seasons YMCA and local businesses to help promote healthy lifestyles within the workforce.

Help your workforce grow stronger today!!!

Plan Option 1

  • Company chooses to be responsible for all payments to the YMCA for em-ployee memberships.
  • Joining fee is waived for companies with 5 or more memberships.
  • Companies who pay by invoice for employee memberships on one bill receive 10% off all monthly fees. Fees can be deducted entirely from an em-ployee’s paycheck or split with the company (either on percentage basis or set amount).
  • Employees must sign up for YMCA membership through the company’s HR department.

Plan Option 2

  • Company chooses to pay a minimum of $10 towards employee’s YMCA membership fee and allows the remainder to be paid by employee.
  • Joining fee is waived for companies with 5 or more memberships.
  • Company receives monthly invoice for their portion of the membership fees while employee pays remaining portion through an individual bank draft.
  • Employees must sign up for YMCA membership through company’s HR de-partment.

Plan Option 3

  • Company chooses not to be responsible for any payments to the YMCA for employee memberships.
  • Joining fee is waived for companies with 5 or more memberships.
  • Employee receives 10% off monthly membership dues.
  • Employee pays for YMCA membership through individual bank draft.
  • Employee signs up at the YMCA and must present proof of employment upon enrollment.

Plan Option 4 (State Employers/Employees Only) CommonHealth Wellness Program

  • Joining fee is waived.
  • Employee must present proof of state employment upon enrollment.

Corporate Membership Form