1. What will memberships cost?

The Membership Committee has undertaken an extensive study of comparable facilities in this region such as the Princeton Health and Fitness Center in Princeton, WV and the Lifetime Wellness Center in Marion, Va. These fees are based on an annual membership. For a complete description of the membership levels click here.

2. Who is on the board of directors?

See the complete list here.

3. What are your holiday hours?

New Years Day 8:00am-12:00pm


Memorial Day CLOSED

July 4th CLOSED

Labor Day CLOSED

Thanksgiving 8:00am-12:00pm

Christmas CLOSED


YMCAs help children and youth to deepen positive values, their commitment to service and their motivation to learn. Together, YMCAs are the nation’s largest provider of child care to more than 500,000 children.

YMCAs give financial assistance to 20 percent of kids in their child care programs.

All are welcome at their neighborhood YMCA regardless of age, race, sex, faith, background, ability, or income.

YMCAs are working to combat rising levels of obesity and promote healthy living for millions of Americans.

The nation’s YMCAS collectively represent the largest collaborative organization in the country. They collaborate with organizations like schools, churches, youth agencies, community organizations, community health and well being coalitions and juvenile courts.

America has 2,663 YMCAs and 1,496 of those serve communities where the median family income is below the national average.