About Us


Our facility opened as a Chartered YMCA in Spring 2009.

After years of Wednesday morning meetings, fundraising, and planning by a group of dedicated volunteers, the Four Seasons YMCA opened its doors and began offering programs and services to the surrounding community through a brand new, state of the art facility located in Tazewell, Va.

Support for the Four Seasons YMCA has been broad based as funding has come from individual, corporate, government, and foundation donations as well as donations from civic organizations and school groups.

For nearly 160 years YMCAs have been meeting the most pressing challenges of the communities they serve. Many have long histories dating back to the 1800’s. The Four Seasons YMCA is one of the youngest corporate Ys in the US.

The Four Seasons YMCA is poised to meet pressing challenges facing all residents of Tazewell County. It has become more and more common throughout our whole service area to hear people say “see you at the Y!”

We have the responsibility to build a healthier community…and it starts today! The health of our community (spirit, mind and body) became our mission. The Four Seasons YMCA is making a real difference in the lives of this area’s people.

Our Y also offers child care, meeting rooms, and other community services. It has become a very important social center where people make friends, and life long relationships are created and developed.

Good Health Is A Choice

The primary reason people asked for our facility was to help them maintain a healthier lifestyle. Access to a wide variety of exercise equipment, introduction of new and different exercise and wellness programs, and the opportunity to participate in more athletic programs helps build that lifestyle. However, a total wellness program also consists of nutrition programs, weight management programs, cardiac rehabilitation, and more.



Four Seasons YMCA
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