Community Garden


Garden Information -

Gardeners can officially garden after attending an orientation meeting, pay required fees, read and sign the Community Garden Manual (2024), and after the official gardening season starts (April 1st).


Community Garden Manual (2024) - (Link)


  • All gardeners are expected to follow organic gardening practices. Any soil amendment, or mulch, not provided by the community garden must be approved by the garden supervisor.

  • All visitors must sign in and sign out, this is to ensure the produce grown in the garden complies with G.A.P (Good Agricultural Practices)

  • All trash must be removed, take out what you bring in.

  • Red or black plastic that is properly anchored, is permitted, but must be removed at the end of the growing season.

  • Beds are expected to be weeded before seed-heads form or grow greater than 10 inches. 

  • Properly supervised children are welcomed and encouraged to be in the garden.

  • Row(s) must be under cultivation by June 10th, or they may be reassigned.

  • Pathways between row(s) must be kept cleared, don’t allow plants to grow out into the pathways. Tall plants and vines must be kept from over-running the pathways. Do not cover pathways with landscape fabric or mulch. 

  • Edible food shall not go to waste. The Four Seasons Community Garden and Appalachian Sustainable Development are committed to helping local food pantries. Every Friday, the garden supervisor will harvest anything that needs to be harvested unless instructed otherwise. The harvested produce will be donated to a local food bank.

  • All assigned row(s) must be cleared of any structures by the end of the growing season (October 31st). 

  • Gardening privileges may be revoked by the garden supervisor if breach of the garden manual warrants this action. Every reasonable effort will be made to correct any deficiency before any action is initiated.


  • Volunteer Tasks -

    • Clean & Sanitize Tools

    • Turn/Flip Compost

    • Remove weeds from flower rows

    • Remove weeds from three sisters plot

    • Assemble food boxes (Healthy Tazewell Events Only)

  • Special Volunteer Events - 

    • Prepare & Plant flower rows - April 16

    • Clean & Prepare Raspberry patch - April 23

    • Prepare & Plant Three Sisters plot - May 4

    • Prepare & Plant Pumpkin/Squash Patch - May 27

Prepare garden for Fall/Winter - Sep 13



Garden Row Information:

Garden Row = 40 ft. x 4 ft. – Gardener(s) may arrange rows as desired, but temporary barriers, poles, or structures must be removed by the end of the season. You are not allowed to cover pathways with any sort of barrier. Some plants may not be permitted, consult the garden supervisor if you have any questions.


*Must pay an additional $10 for supplies; This includes - drip tape (80’) & adapters, mulch (½ square bale), and up to 5 plant starts . Registration fees and any additional fees must be paid before gardeners can plant in their assigned row(s). 

$10 a row



(Additional Supplies for Rows)


Contact David Gabbert with Appalachian Sustainable Development at 1-304-308-1002 or email: