Mission Moments

My name is Amy Wingo. I would like to share my story and express my gratitude to the YMCA for helping me get my life back on track.

Two years ago, I was 216 pounds and had been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2. I was depressed and had tried every fad diet out there. I would lose a little weight, then gain it all back and more.

A little over a year ago, I decided to give the Y a try. When I first started, it took me an hour to walk a mile, but I refused to give up. The Staff were all so helpful and encouraging, they helped me believe in myself.

Three months into going, and I was Pre-Diabetic. After just six months I lost close to thirty pounds and could walk the mile in 25 minutes.

After my six month checkup, my doctor called to tell me she couldn't find a single trace of Diabetes!

I am keeping my promise to myself, I still go daily and I absolutely love seeing all the staff. They are so wonderful and welcoming. I know I couldn't have done this without them cheering me on and believing in me.