Mission Moments

Geraldine Puckett, one of our YMCA members, tried the Couch to 5K program early in the spring of 2014. She has run several 5k races since then and lost approximately 45 pounds! Geraldine now leads our Couch to 5K Programs!

"As a child I was average weight, but as an adult I have really struggled, and at my heaviest I weighed almost 200 pounds. I would lose weight and then gain it right back. I had been coming to the YMCA for 4 years, but then I would go home and overeat on all the wrong foods. I had gained almost all of my weight back when the YMCA started the Couch to 5K program and someone asked me to join. I ran on a Friday, then spent the weekend overeating. My weight went up even more. That Sunday, I prayed and told God if He would help me, I would try to watch what I ate and try to stick with running.

I had never been able to run in my life. When I was in school, we had to qualify for the mile run. I always had to walk part of it. I started the Couch to 5K three weeks before my 58th birthday and I have lost 48 pounds. Two years later, I have maintained the weight loss. Now I have competed in seven 5Ks and two 5K Mud Runs. I won 1st Place Female for my age group in some of those races. I have taught Couch to 5K three times. One of the girls that took my 1st class ran a half marathon this year.

The best benefits of my new lifestyle are the energy levels and a stronger faith that God will help us with anything if we trust Him and do our part. I am getting ready to turn 60 and I am in the best health of my life.

If I can do this, everyone else can get healthier too. Good luck and God Bless." -- Geraldine Puckett